5 Not So Obvious Reasons Eating Vegan Improves Your Life


Written by Donat a/k/a The Vegan Hubby

People love talking about the obvious benefits of eating vegan food, but what about the more subtle nuances? Here is a short list of just a few of the more understated reasons to eat vegan.


1) Eating out is (surprisingly) great!

Eating out at restaurants is actually a great experience. This may seem counterintuitive since your options are much more limited and there is generally a bit of hassle involved. However, the only one or two vegetarian/vegan options on the menu are there for a reason and are almost always delicious! Less choice often leads to fewer choosing-related headaches and anxieties. Additionally, you can often have the chef customize the dish to what you really want, so you end up with more decision power than initially meets the eye.

2) You don’t have to try other people’s crappy food

“Ohh you’re trying to branch out and cook for the first time? Ohh it’s not vegan? What a shame!” While I do appreciate people trying new things and experimenting, I distinctly do not appreciate being experimented on. That is what family is for. I like you and all, but whatever you just made looks half burnt and something my dog may not even want to sample. I just don’t like you THAT much.

3) Going to the bathroom is a breeze (no pun intended)

Apparently 95% of people in the U.S. do not eat the recommended minimum amounts of daily fiber. Google it. I was surprised too! Not eating enough fiber can lead to a less than enjoyable experience in the bathroom. This is something most vegans do not have to worry about since vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains are FULL of fiber. Think about how much less time you need to spend on the can and how many productive things you can be doing with that  otherwise wasted time (and energy).

4) You get to constantly learn new things

No matter how smart of a vegan you think you are, you will keep finding out more and more cool tidbits of information that you didn’t know about before. You will inevitably learn everything from micro nutrition to neat new foods that you never heard about or considered eating but are apparently extremely nutritious. Not only do you get to learn more, but then you can immediately go around and show off how smart you are by repeating the same info to all your friends. They will all say, “Whoa that’s cool, I didn’t know that!” and you will say, “I’m telling you!” It’ll be awesome.

5) Lower your grocery bill

Paying over $20 a pound for a cut of meat is not something a vegan needs to ever worry about. I complain about asparagus being $4 bucks for a one pound bundle but that’s peanuts comparing to prices on meats and seafood. More money in your wallet is a good thing any day of the week. Take that extra cash and treat yourself to something nice, like a nice restaurant (see item #1).

Do you have any not so obvious ways in which going vegan has improved your life? Let us know!


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