Citrus Lane Subscription Box for Baby Review – Newborn Box – October 2014

Citrus Lane Newborn Box October 2014

I enjoyed my Citrus Lane September Newborn Box so much that I extended my subscription for 6 months. Was it worth it? Check out the October box below and let me know what you think!

Included in the October 2014 Box:

  • Bake N Shake Donut Rattle from North American Bear Co.
  • Cage Bell from Hohner Kids
  • Where Do I Live Soft Book from Tiny Love
  • Calendula Baby Care from Weleda


Bake N Shake Donut Rattle from North American Bear Co.:

Very cute and soft and machine washable (yay!). The rattle is a gentle sound and there is nothing sharp for a little one to hurt themselves on. Plus, a newborn chewing on a donut? Priceless.


Cage Bell from Hohner Kids:

Be warned, the bell in this is very, very loud. I’m not a fan of plastic toys to begin with so I may donate this guy before hubby accidentally maliciously destroys it…


Where Do I Live Soft Book from Tiny Love:

It’s never too early for your first book! I’m looking forward to using this with my little one during tummy time. There are lots of fabric flaps for little hands to grasp and the colors are bright and cheerful.


Calendula Baby Care from Weleda:

While the size of this sample is a bit small, I do like Weleda products and will be happy to use this on our little one.

Overall Impression: 

I was very happy with this month’s box and am glad I resubscribed to Citrus Lane! Aside from the bell-that-hubby-hates, I will definitely use everything else in the box. If you want to subscribe and get your own boxes for little ones, click here and get 50% off your first month!*

What was your favorite item in the box? What do you think I’ll use most as a new mom?


(*I do get a referral reward from Citrus Lane if you join through my link. The discount is offered by Citrus Lane and may be stopped/changed without notice)

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