Healthy Foods Triple Threat: Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast, Spirulina and Vitamin C Powder!

Sari Foods Review

I feel like it is hard for a health foods company to really differentiate itself nowadays because there are so many of them and they all tout a big game. Sari Foods is an interesting company that did differentiate itself for me. It’s products strive to be organic and natural, in the real sense of the word (not the legally ambiguous and unenforceable word that it has become in the food business). We had the pleasure of trying out 3 of their products, namely Nutritional Yeast, Spirulina and Vitamin C Powder. We are not sure which we like best but here is why we love them all:

Nutritional Yeast:

If nutritional yeast is not part of your diet, it really should be. It’s the healthiest cheesy alternative out there and tastes so damn good.

  • 100% whole food based and naturally occurring nutritional yeast
  • No artificial or synthetic fortifications (most competitors have synthetic B-12 added)
  • Comprised of 50% complete, bioavailable and vegan protein
  • Contains all 18 amino acids and 15 different minerals (including iron, selenium and zinc) as well as a natural vitamin B-complex and Beta-glucans
  • Dairy free, gluten free and MSG free
  • It tastes good! It definitely added the cheesy deliciousness that we needed for our Kale-Rice Casserole (recipe coming soon!)
  • This nutritional yeast has a lot of protein! About 17 grams per quarter cup and our recipe used a full cup so that is an amazing amount of added complete protein
  • Although I do like when nutritional yeast includes B-12, I also like that Sari Foods contains no synthetic additives and keeps this product completely natural

It’s all natural, nothing synthetic and high quality. Tons of nutrition in compact little delicious flakes. Get some here!


At first glance one would think that powdered algae would be neither delicious nor nutritious but one would be quite wrong to think so about Spirulina. It blends in extremely well taste wise, makes for some beautiful bright green dishes and is a natural whole foods multivitamin.

  •  It has over 100 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals including B-12, Omega 3, 6 & 9s and iron
  • Reduces inflammation in the body and helps boost immune function
  • Has more antioxidants than 5 servings of fruits and veggies and 39 times more beta carotene than carrots
  • Boosts mood, energy and metabolism
  • USDA Certified Organic

Not only does this stuff go amazing in smoothies and shakes, there are actually countless recipes you can add this into to enhance including our St. Patrick’s Day Oven Pancake. If you want to get some of your own, find it here!

Vitamin C Powder:

This was my first time trying out a vitamin C powder but certainly not my last. This food-based naturally-occurring vitamin C is such a world away from the synthetic powders one would see at their local pharmacy.

  • No isolated or synthetic vitamin C, only the naturally occurring vitamin C found in Acerola Cherries
  • Boosts immunity and reduces the duration of colds
  • Acts as an anti-histamine to help with allergies and other inflammation
  • Makes your skin look great, improves cell regeneration and reduces wrinkles
  • It has amazing antioxidant activity to help protect you from free radicals and other harmful causes of disease

I’ve honestly just been heating up some hot water and stirring some of this goodness in instead of tea sometimes. It’s like drinking slightly flavored but incredibly healthy water. I’ve also added some to smoothies to make them that much better. Get some immune boost vitamin C powder here!

Bottom Line:

Sari Foods is the real triple threat and is known for its natural and organic health food products with ingredients that you can feel good about eating. Check out their website here! or order all three products on Amazon here!

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post. I received the three Sari Foods products above for free in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. Powered by BrandBacker


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