Hello Fresh Thoughts and $40 Discount/Coupon Code- with Pics!

For those interested in getting the $40 Discount/Coupon Code is:  947T7A or simply follow the link Here

The subscription box industry has exploded lately with probably over a dozen different players joining. Everyone from Hello Fresh to Blue Apron to Home Chef and many more all wants to get in on the action. All have their pitch to sell and have their pro’s and con’s. Home Chef is actually one of our favorites (Our thoughts on it Here) but another solid box that is vegetarian friendly with easily veganizable recipes (for those meals that are not already vegan) is Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh meals tend to be simpler, more common ingredients and the meals are very recreatable for those who like to get inspired in your day-to-day cooking. A number of our current staples that we make weekly originally came from a Hello Fresh meal. The portions tend to be smaller/less caloric than some of the other boxes so if you are big eaters, I would consider some other boxes like Home Chef. However, if you don’t want to overeat and have more portion control, this is a plus.

Overall, Hello Fresh is a solidly enjoyable subscription box that will add some fun additions to your cooking repertoire. Definitely try one box at least, at $20 with our discount code I think it’s a no brainer. Check out some of the meals we made with Hello Fresh:

IMG_3905 IMG_5068 IMG_4090 IMG_3820 IMG_5416 IMG_4597 IMG_7644


  • Full disclosure: for every person who signs up using the discount code/link above, we get a discount off of our Home Chef subscription. We appreciate and thank anyone and everyone who signs up this way!

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