Amazon #Giveaway + Home Chef Review and $30 Off Coupon Code!

Vegan Meal from HomeChef

Wifey and I are slowly but surely getting hooked on the awesome convenience of subscription food boxes like Home Chef and Hello Fresh (see our Hello Fresh Review and $40 off discount code). I can’t stress how awesome it is getting fresh food delivered to us saving us the trip to the grocery store with a newborn. Home Chef has an interesting spin on the subscription box too, you get a lot more customization with them including options like vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and paleo to name a few. If you like eating restaurant quality food, you’d enjoy this one! Use the link below for the $30 discount!

Sage and Brown Butter Pumpkin Gnocchi  With Kale and Sweet and Spicy Candied Walnuts

#Vegan Sage and Brown Butter Pumpkin Gnocchi
With Kale and Sweet and Spicy Candied Walnuts from HomeChef


  • Choose the number of meals you want each week on their website
  • All ingredients needed for those meals come straight to your door with free delivery on orders over $50 and no sales tax!
  • Flexible subscription so you can skip any weeks you want
  • The recipes are pictured and explained on color cards with step by step instructions, making even tricky meals seem easy to make
  • All ingredients are pre-measured so you only have to chop and toss in, no guesswork required
  • Choose what day of the week you want your food to arrive
  • You can choose from specific diet options, including vegan- something other subscription boxes don’t do
Asian Hot Pot With Rice Noodles, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Sesame Oil from HomeChef #vegan

Asian Hot Pot With Rice Noodles, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Sesame Oil from HomeChef #vegan

My Thoughts:

  • At less than $10 per meal, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant to eat
  • For just $5 per person you can also add a nice bunch of fruits to your box!
  • It saves us from going to the grocery, which is SO nice
  • You basically make restaurant quality meals with Home Chef so it can save money from going out
  • We have actually learned a ton of interesting new cooking techniques and have recreated many of the recipes on our own already
  • Feels like a date night every night we make one of these
  • Totally worth a try for $30 off- 3 free meals basically

$30 Discount:  simply follow the link Here

Bottom Line: 
Signing up to Home Chef has been a ton of fun and I highly recommend it. This may just be our favorite subscription box yet I’ve already got my parents hooked on it! You can skip or cancel at any time so it’s a great idea to have a little fun and at least try it out for a week, especially for 3 free meals using the discount code! Warning: you may get addicted 😀

$30 Off Home Chef

  • Full disclosure: for every person who signs up using the discount code/link above, we get a discount off of our Home Chef subscription. We appreciate and thank anyone and everyone who signs up this way!

Giveaway: Our 6 month blogiversary came up in February but with a newborn in the house, we were in no mental state to get a proper celebration post up. We love our readers and wanted to say thank you for sticking with us. Enter below for the chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, with love from Donat & Sam!

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  1. Laura J says:

    I loved the “Vegan Matcha Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe” post! We made these shortly after you posted…and we loved them!

  2. My favorite post is Vegan Pasta Alfredo Recipe

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