Kiwi Citrus Smoothie Recipe

Kiwi Citrus Smoothie Recipe

After purchasing about 5 pounds of kiwi’s from Costco (their smallest size), I realized that I need to figure out some new ways of eating them. So I came up with this super simple but very light and delicious smoothie. It still has my signature high calorie content from the oatmeal, but you can always take it out for something less filling.

3-4 Peeled Kiwis
3 Peeled Clementines
1 Unpeeled diced Apple
1 Cup rolled oats
1-2 Cups water or almond milk
1 Cup of ice

Add the oatmeal, clementines, kiwis, cut up apple, water/almond milk and then ice in that order. You always want to fill up the blender from smallest to biggest sized pieces, with anything frozen at the end for best results. I also add in some hemp hearts and wheat germ for added protein and nutrition. Blend on high until the smoothie is light, airy and smooth. It’s very refreshing and different from the usual smoothies.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories: ~555
Fats: ~8g
Fiber: ~21g
Protein: ~16g


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