Love With Food Subscription Tasting Box Review – October 2014

Love With Food Box - October 2014

Continuing my quest to feed the never-ending appetite of my wonderful vegan hubby, I was super excited to try the Love With Food Taster Box this month. Love With Food subscriptions start at $10 a month and focus on natural and organic snacks. While they don’t have a vegan-specific box, I was comfortable enough after looking over prior box reviews to give them a try.

Included in the October 2014 Love With Food Tasting Box:

Butter Shortbread Squares by Clairesquares**

Cinnamon and Sugar Bananinha Banana Bar by Nutryvitta – This is billed as a healthier alternative to candy. I think it’s a little too sweet but at least it’s made with fruit.

Honey Almond Nut Butter and Chocolate Almond Nut Butter by Justin’s – Love these! I do eat honey (not all vegans do) and these are great to take on the go and have with a banana or on some Ezekiel toast.

Organic Jelly Beans by Surf Sweets – These do have confectioner’s glaze (not typically vegan) but are definitely a step up from your average jelly bean. Super sugary and yummy so I was more than satisfied with just the little sample pack.

Organic Original Falafel Chips by Flamous – I usually don’t like Falafel flavored products but the spicing on these was right on.  They are also non-GMO and gluten free as an added bonus.

Original Cheese Straws by J&M**

Snapea Crisps by Calbee – Salty and oily but definitely better for you than regular potato chips so a great way to satisfy a craving. Addictive enough that I was very glad for the sample sizing…

**Not vegan and therefore sent to my husbands delighted coworkers and not reviewed.

Love with Food Tasting Box

Bottom Line: 

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Love With Food Tasting Box. It was filled to the brim and the majority of the goodies were accidentally vegan. I really hope they come up with a vegan-only box in the future but in the meantime, hubby’s coworkers will be happy to take the non-vegan items off our hands. At $10 a month, it won’t break the bank and it’s fun to have new snacks to munch on around the house. Thumbs up!



2 thoughts on “Love With Food Subscription Tasting Box Review – October 2014”

  1. Amanda Baker says:

    I have a Love With Food subscription and I loved this box. I’d never tried Falafal chips and now I’m addicted. I wasn’t a fan of the shortbread cookie, but I loved everything else in this box!!

  2. Richard Hicks says:

    I like the idea of a Tasting box. I like to try new things and this is a great way to try them

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