Oh Shiitake Mushrooms, TODAY is Valentine’s Day?

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Despite the annual recurrence of Valentine’s Day, many otherwise fine folks find themselves surprised every February 14th and desperately trying to find a gift on the way home from work that doesn’t look like it was picked up on the way home from work. If this is you, skip the grocery store chocolates and flowers (or get them too!) and read on for a more thoughtful gift that you can still give them right now. Then bookmark this list for the next time you forget a gift-giving holiday 😉

Magazine Subscription

The first issue typically takes 4-6 weeks to come but you can print the confirmation off and include it your card (you did get a card, right?). A specialty magazine in something the recipient likes – yay, vegan cooking! – shows you put some thought into your gift.

Audible Subscription or Audio Book

To be honest, I just don’t “get” audiobooks. I process information much better written than spoken so audiobooks feel like too much work for me. However, many people love them (hello, hubby!) and you can personalize with an author or topic your recipient likes.

New Ebook

Similar to the above, pick a new release by a favorite author or on a topic you like. Ebooks deliver pretty much instantly. Wahoo!

Restaurant E-Gift Card

Pick a fancier place and let your special hunny know when you’ll be going or snag one to a good lunch spot so for guilt-free lunches when she doesn’t feel like brown bagging it. Gift cards are always a bit of a gray zone in relationships so this one might be better for treating a loved one who is not your significant other (daughter, son, cousin, etc). Then again, if you are in the these-are-my-fancy-sweatpants stage of your marriage, this might be just fine. You do you 🙂

Digital Movie Rental

Come home bearing their favorite take out and a bottle of wine and rent a movie they’ve been wanting to see. Then change into your sexy sweatpants and enjoy!


What did you get your hunny for Valentine’s Day? 

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