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Real Men Wear Babies

I love my Britax stroller – it’s sturdy, easy to unfold, and baby’s car seat clips right in. I (almost) never use it. Am I a hermit who never goes outside? Only when a new version of Civ comes out. Hubby, baby and I take daily walks with the dog, go grocery shopping, and even hit up the occasional festival or restaurant (ah, the crazy social life of the new parent). So how do we do that with a baby in tow and no stroller? Baby-wearing.

Baby More Co. Wrap Details

Baby More Co. Wrap Detail View

I started wearing baby from the day after she was born. Wearing her around the house for a couple of hours each day gives her some skin-to-skin contact and gives me some hands free time to do the dishes, write a blog post, or give the furbabies some love. For the first couple months of her life, the only way she would take her morning nap was snuggled up to her papa or me. Once we started going out for walks  and on more outings after the winter-to-end-all-winters finally ended in CT, we quickly realized that wearing baby had great advantages while out and about too. She’s more likely to sleep, I can keep a closer tab on her moods and needs (and keep the paci in when needed), and most well-meaning but potentially germy strangers won’t touch the baby without permission when she’s snuggled against my boobs (although not all — this is a social no-no people!). With some mommy-ninja skills, I can even breastfeed on the go with baby in the carrier.

When Baby More Co. offered us the change to try out their Baby Wrap Carrier, we jumped at the chance. The more carriers we have, the better the chance that there will be one nearby when baby needs some carry time. One in the bedroom, one by the door, one in the car, and one in the diaper bag (different kinds).

General Baby-wearing Features:

  • Keeps baby nearby so you can easily attend to his wants/needs
  • Gives baby just enough view of the world to observe and learn without sensory overload
  • Skin-to-skin contact has amazing benefits for babies
  • Babies who are worn cry less (I can attest to this one!)
  • Keeps your hands free to do much needed adult things, like cooking, cleaning, working on the computer, etc.
Baby More Co. Tag Detail

Baby More Co. Tag Detail

Product Features:

  • Wrap style carrier for newborns up to toddlers (32 lb max)
  • Soft, breathable fabric feels great against baby’s skin and yours
  • Colors: black, grey, oxford blue, pink
  • Comes with easy to follow wrap instructions
  • Easy to throw in the washing machine

My Thoughts:

The Baby More Co. Baby Wrap carrier quickly became a favorite for both my hubby and myself. It’s soft, easy to clean, and adjusts for both of our sizes. Baby loves snuggling with us around the house or out and about. The grey color is gender neutral and babies make the best accessories. Get your own on Amazon here: Baby More Co. Baby Wrap Carrier

Baby Wrap Back View

Baby Wrap Back View

Disclosure: I received a free Baby More Co. Baby Wrap Carrier in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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